Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trouble Makers

We went to a cabin in Island Park and got a picture of Porter with some of his cousins. They all look like a bunch of little hooligans. When we all get together it is tons of fun and it's always good to see family. I would just like to say that it is a large task to get these boys together long enough to take a cute picture like this. As you can see, in the end it is worth it.
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WOW We are Horrible Bloggers!

Ok so for all of those friends and family that I always promise that I will keep up on my blog......Sorry again! Therapists always say in order to solve a problem you have to get to the root of it. And I guess the root of my blog neglect problem is just that I AM LAZY! I admitted it but I would still like to follow up with what I consider a great excuse, and that is that since we have moved in with my Great big sis Angie who has three kids 9,8,and 3 life has been busy. I never realized how much busier more kids makes you, so to all you mothers out there with 2 or three kids wow. And to all you other mothers with more (like my mom who had 7) Double Wow! And to those women who have seven kids and still update their blogs tripple wow!

So for the Paskett update, to our dissappointment we are still jobless. Gregg has a part time job that keeps him somewhat busy but as far a career jobs we havn't had much luck. We are still living with family which has been great, and even though we are ancy to get a job we will be very sad to move out. We love Jesse, Angie and the kids and are so thankful for their help in our time of need. The economy crash hasn't helped out in our job hunt, but we are hopeful that something will come along. We can't help but feel blessed as there are so many others loosing jobs and in much worse situations.

Porter is getting so big and looking more like a little boy and less like a baby(And I am not sure how I feel about it. it's a little sad for a mom). He is so much fun, and so smart, we just can't get enough of him!

Winter Family Fun!!!

When it dumped snow on us Gregg took all the kids out to play in the snow. As you can see Porter had a struggle walking because he had so many snow clothes on. We actually found these snow pants in the house and they were left here by the previous owners. Although they aren't very appealing to the eye, they did the job. In addition to all the clothing, the ground was covered in snow and he didn't know what to make of it so for the first while he was very frowny faced and then eventually he cheered up enough to at least have a strait face.

Our nephew Ethan got baptized so this is a picture of my family who all came down for the occasion. Congrats Ethan, we're proud of you!!

Porter's always dying to go outside so we decided he needed a new hat. We normally aren't to hip on clown hats but that was all we could find that velcroed around his cheeks because he always just pulls them off, even when it's freezing outside. We weren't to excited about it but then when we put it on he was so excited about it and about going outside that we couldn't help but think that it was really cute.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Current Conditions

So the last couple of weeks have been eventful for Gregg. He has interviewed with 5 companies. 3M, Avery Dennison, Schnieder National, Hill Airforce Base and the church. He has spent most of his time practicing over and over for each of the interviews. He felt that some went better than others and that overall he did pretty well. We were denied by Avery Dennison already but now we are waiting to hear from the other four companys. Currently our preferance is to get the job with the church. It is a purchasing position for BYU and it is in the area that he wanted to go into and it also provides a great work environment and stability. We have been praying for it and we can't wait to hear from them. We're also not counting on it so that we don't feel so disappointed if he doesn't get the job and I'm sure a lot of us know how that feels so pray for us if you get the chance. Other than that we are currently watching Jesse and Angie's kids (my sister's kids) because they are on a Caribbean Cruise. It has been kinda crazy so far with Lincoln always teasing his younger brother and sister. Brielle with her diva attitude and loud voice is always screaming back at him and of course he doesn't really listen. Ethan just gets pushed to the point where eventually he flips out and in one case he grabbed the scissors, ran at Lincoln and cut his shirt. Yes, we were very worried during the process. Overall though they have been pretty good and we are enjoying it. In a very minute way it is preparing us for when we have several kids. I didn't realize how much responsibility came with a large family till this week. Anyways, just a little update.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Porter's Motorcycle

This is Porter's favorite Motorcycle. When we play outside he always walks over to and climbs on it. The best is he starts breathing hard when he sees it and then he starts chuckling to himself as he slowly walks over to it. The sad thing is he has yet to ride on it. Maybe that is a good thing though.

Monday, September 29, 2008

One day it was particularly nice outside so I went out and played with Porter and I thought he looked extra cute.

I Feed Myself

Porter will only feed himself lately. It seems like a good thing because then we don't have to sit with him the whole time and spoon it in but the problem comes when he eats something like yogurt. He uses a spoon for a little while but he isn't quite coordinated enough to get it in his mouth so he gives up and takes a handful of yogurt and stuffs it in his mouth and all over his face. Although it is quite cute the clean-up process is terrible. We usually end up having it on us because he gets so excited when we take him out of his chair we never can fully control where those hands end up.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Little Boy

These two pictures for some reason make me laugh like crazy. I am not sure why but I have a hunch that it is because I am his dad. The first shows how kinda in your face he is (if he knows you very well). The second is the face where he thinks "it's kinda funny but I am not going to act impressed." He doesn't even have to do anything and I start laughing mainly because of his manorisms.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


So we havn't updated our blog in ...way to long,(4 months) Sorry we will do better! (I know that I have said this before but I think I might really mean it this time:) Ok so since our last update lots of things have happened!
I guess I should tackle these things one at a time. First Gregg finished his classes at BYU-I, but still has to complete an internship to graduate. He is planning on finding a career job in the supply chain area and counting his first month of work as his internship requirement for graduation.
Secondly we got booted out of our apartment. In August we went to resign our contract, and found out that the managers had signed it over to someone else and gave us two weeks to move! We couldn't find any housing in Rexburg that had an opening before January first, so my loving, kindest, bestest, older sister Angie offered for us to move in with her family in American Fork Utah. So we hit the road, stored our stuff, and we currently inhibit her basement (love ya Ang). Gregg has been looking hard for a job spending hours a day applying anywhere he can, we have been praying hard and we hope something comes up soon.
The other day my nephew Lincoln asked us what a hobo was and I told him it was a homeless person, he replied "Oh so like you and Gregg are Hobos,... and Gregg doesn't have a job".

Porter Walking

Porter started walking last week, and it is so cute! He is getting really fast and in this video he thinks his dad is chasing him.

Hollywood baby!

We tried these sunglasses on Porter, and he proceeded to take them on and off for over half an hour! He is funny that way, he plays with random things for days his latest favorite toy is the Wii nunchuck.

Peachy Porter

We were at a little get together with Erin's family at a waterslide in Raft River and Porter found a peach on the ground that somebody left there. He decided to close his eyes right as I took the picture so he looks even more rough.

Salt Lake City Trip with Jess and Angie

Erin and I went to the capitol building in Utah because the Declaration of Independance was there for two days. It was really cool. The part that wasn't so cool was that we had to wait in line for three hours before we could see it. Lincoln, Ethan, and Brielle just kinda ran around. Porter got tired and fell asleep in my arms. I sat down on the floor of the capitol building and together he and I took a nap. It was akward waking up because we had a bunch of strangers staring at us who were waiting in line. So we quickly caught up to Erin and Angie. The above picture is kinda what the room looked like. It was pretty fun though.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


About this time it was 8pm and Porter was supposed to be laying down. He hadn't made any noise for around 20 minutes so we decided to go and peak through the crack in the door and see if he was asleep. When we peaked through this is what we saw. Apparently he is rolling onto his tummy then pushing back to sit up, then he grabs the bars to the crib and pulls himself up so he is kneeling and can see out of the crib. We think it is cuter than heck even though he should be asleep.
We decided to just let him play till he fell asleep and as you can see, he didn't feel it was important to get comfortable plus kneeling against the crib bars is hardwork!!

Happy Boy

Porter is a happy boy, he is so smiley and fun, we are so greatful to have him in our family he makes life fun with the cute and funny things he does.
I love his cute little tongue!

This is a picture of Lockheed Martin Company in Moorestown New Jersey. The company flew Gregg out for an internship interview last week, and he had a good time. Unfortunetly, he didn't get the internship but at least he got a free trip!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Porter loves to go outside, (as you can see) he gets happy every time you put his jacket and hat on because he knows he gets to go out!

Every Morning I go and grab Porter out of bed and he is so happy!! I usually set him in bed with his mom and he bugs her until she finally wakes up. This particular morning I thought it best to take some pictures.
My favorite thing about this picture is his Mom's hair in the background. She at this point is still sleeping.
I put this bowl on his head and I thought it was super funny!! He thinks he is really cool when you do something new like that.